Picture of Marshes and Swamps: A Wetland Web of Life
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Marshes and Swamps

A Wetland Web of Life

Series: Wonderful Water Biomes

By Philip Johansson

Part land and part water, wetlands are host to huge numbers of plants and animals. Find out how cattails are able to grow in the saturated soil of the swamp without oxygen. Dig beneath the swampy surface of a marsh and uncover the web of life that passes energy from the sun to cordgrass, crabs, and herons. In this interesting book, you will learn how each living thing plays a part in the world of the wetlands biome.

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". . . the book is simply beautiful and filled with both big ideas and those lovely little strange facts that kids find so absorbing in intermediate grades. This is a wonderful resource for the teacher of elementary students who needs a way to enrich the concepts of a biome and food web or provide richly informative free-reading materials. There’s a lot of potential here for reports . . ."

National Science Teachers Association Recommends Web site

"Both titles have good-quality color photos . . . Insets with fast facts and color-coded charts help define and clarify the texts. Well written and engaging, these books are welcome additions . . ."

School Library Journal, January 2008

"Engaging on-the-scene introductory chapters, well-chosen color photographs . . . and invitingly open design introduce students to four water biomes. The interdependency of life in each environment is clear, as are their unique qualities . . ."

The Horn Book Guide, Spring 2008

"This text is crisply written . . . The flow and balance of both the text and visuals are integrated to present a very stimulating book for both young and reluctant readers . . . a very well written book that will relate well to many young readers . . . It would make an excellent selection for a basic books list for school libraries."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, November 2007

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