Picture of Mars: A MyReportLinks.com Book
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A MyReportLinks.com Book

Series: The Solar System

By Stephen Feinstein

An interesting history of humankind’s fascination with Mars and its potential for intelligent life is just one part of this look at the Red Planet by author Stephen Feinstein. Highlights include information about current and future missions to Mars.

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"The information in this book is presented in a way that will be very easy for students to understand."

Delaware County Library System, October 2005

". . . these introductions make inviting additions to collections for their unusually strong emphasis on Web resources . . . these books should be popular with both interest- and assignment-driven readers, and, . . . with librarians, too."

School Library Journal, September 2005

"Informative and up to date . . . Good reference books for students at the middle and high school level."

Albuquerque Public Schools

". . . a pleasant addition to the myreportlinks.com series . . . a useful addition to the collection."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, September 2005

"A very readable book . . . Much information on the history, myths and future of Mars is presented in [a] kid-friendly format, via photographs and interesting facts."

Denver Public Schools, October 2005

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