Picture of Malcolm X: "I Believe in the Brotherhood of Man, All Men"
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Malcolm X

"I Believe in the Brotherhood of Man, All Men"

Series: American Rebels

By Jeff Burlingame

Four-year-old Malcolm Little watched his home burn down November 7, 1929. He and his family escaped, but the incident would haunt Malcolm for the rest of his life. It was but one of the many injustices Malcolm and his family, and other African Americans, suffered in the United States where segregation and discrimination were law. Life’s lessons turned Malcolm Little into a controversial, defiant, and rebellious man named Malcolm X. He became the best known spokesperson for the Nation of Islam and one of the most influential leaders of the Civil Rights movement. His outspoken nature gained him many followers and just as many enemies. Malcolm X’s life came to a violent end in 1965, but his fight for justice and equality will forever be remembered.

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