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"Express Yourself"

Series: American Rebels

By Carol Gnojewski

At the peak of the disco era, a rebellious dancer arrived in New York with 35 dollars and big dreams. This girl was Michigan-born Madonna Ciccone, but she would become known to the world as Madonna. Read how this musical icon caught the world’s attention with her trend-setting style and rebellious performances that sent the '80s music scene spinning and changed pop music forever.

Library Ed.978-0-7660-2442-7$35.94$26.95

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". . . an interesting read . . ."

Garland Independent School District, January 18, 2008

". . . the facts about the legend’s roots offer valuable insight . . . solid title in the American Rebels Series."

Booklist, August 2007

". . . an interesting and informative view not only of an independent woman directing her own success, but also a timely and telling commentary about the ongoing, controversial changes in pop culture."

Southern Maine Library District, January 9, 2008

". . . a good addition to a biography section, and an excellent resource for a student studying modern music."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, September 2007

". . . well-documented research is evident through footnotes."

Washington Young Adult Book Review Group, May 2008

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