Picture of Madonna: Fighting for Self-Expression
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Fighting for Self-Expression

Series: Rebels with a Cause

By Carol Gnojewski

Madonna enjoys pushing the envelope, generating accolades and controversy with each cause and project to which she lends her fame. A pop culture icon for over 30 years, her ongoing artistic evolution inspires fans who find her unconventionality refreshing. A self-described fighter, she's been unafraid to take a political stance, openly championing women's rights and civil rights throughout her career. This book tracks the queen of reinvention from her early struggles and ambitions through her unparalleled metamorphosis from pop star, to film star, to author, and philanthropist. Curious minds will discover how she's thrived and survived as a world-renowned female artist and provocateur.

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9780766093102 $38.27 $28.70 + Add to wish list
$38.27 $28.70 + Add to wish list

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