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Lions Up Close

Series: Zoom In on Animals!

By Carmen Bredeson

Author Carmen Bredeson expands her ZOOM IN ON ANIMALS! series, with an engaging book that takes the reader on an African safari to meet the king of the savannah. Through beautiful full-color “up-close” photographs and informative text, young readers will discover a world of facts about these majestic felines. Also great as a read-aloud, this book supports the National Science Education Standards for K–4 Life Science.

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"These books are a welcome addition to the classroom and will satisfy curious young naturalists."

The Horn Book Guide, Spring 2009

"The text is easy to read and presents interesting facts about lions."

Garland Independent School District, October 8, 2008

"The facts are accurate and written in a simple child-friendly text."

Clark County School District, April 22, 2008

". . . a good introduction for young animal lovers . . . There is a good balance between text and photos that make this a good book for browsing and reading."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, May 2008

"Good one topic book for research readiness . . . Young readers will enjoy reading this topic . . ."

Association of Region XI School Libraries, August 2008

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