Picture of Laurence Yep: Newbery Award-Winning Author
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Laurence Yep

Newbery Award-Winning Author

Series: Exceptional Asians


Growing up as a Chinese American in California, Laurence Yep felt trapped between two worlds, belonging to neither one. It was this feeling of being an outsider that caused him to lose himself in books and eventually become the writer of two Newbery Honor books himself. Readers will be inspired by this simply-told biography of the author of Dragonwings and Dragon’s Gate. A Words to Know section prepares readers for any unfamiliar vocabulary they may find in the text, and personal photographs and direct quotations from Yep paint a colorful picture of this important author.

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9780766078390 $22.60 $16.95 + Add to wish list
$22.60 $16.95 + Add to wish list

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