Picture of Lakes and Rivers: A Freshwater Web of Life
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Lakes and Rivers

A Freshwater Web of Life

Series: Wonderful Water Biomes

By Philip Johansson

Though fresh water comprises only three percent of all the water in the world, it is what makes life on the land possible. Discover the diverse world of lakes and rivers and explore how the simplest forms of life such as light-trapping plankton pass on energy to more complex forms of life such as tadpoles and fish. Author Philip Johansson shows how all living things, from algae to river otters, are connected in this freshwater biome.

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"This book would be a good choice for any reader wanting to know more about various biomes . . . Geared toward elementary school science, students will be able to use this title for projects and casual reading."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, November 2007

"Engaging on-the-scene introductory chapters, well-chosen color photographs . . . and invitingly open design introduce students to four water biomes. The interdependency of life in each environment is clear, as are their unique qualities . . ."

The Horn Book Guide, Spring 2008

"This series is a keeper . . . has great information . . . a wonderful asset . . ."

Killeen Independent School District, August 2007

". . . the book is simply beautiful, filled not only with big ideas but those lovely little strange facts that kids find so absorbing in the intermediate grades . . . a wonderful resource for teachers of elementary students who need a way to enrich the concepts of a biome and food web or provide richly informative free-reading materials . . . a fine addition to the classroom and a credit to its author, a naturalist and writer with Earthwatch Institute."

National Science Teachers Association Recommends Web site, posted November 21, 2007

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