Picture of Kim Kardashian: TV Personality and Business Mogul
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Kim Kardashian

TV Personality and Business Mogul

Series: Influential Lives


With more than 50 million followers on Twitter and an additional 92 million on Instagram, Kim Kardashian is an American phenomenon. Through ambition, drive, and a masterful use of social media, Kardashian has become a television star, successful businesswoman, and tech entrepreneur with a net worth estimated at close to 150 million dollars. Readers who think they know everything about this pop-culture giant may be surprised to learn how Kardashian turned infamy into fame to become one of the most photographed, talked about, and richest women in the world.

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9780766092075 $38.60 $28.95 + Add to wish list
$38.60 $28.95 + Add to wish list

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