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Kiki in the Middle

Series: West 44 Books

By Ann Malaspina

Kiki is a teen artist living with her Greek-American family in Queens. After a man with mental illness is killed by police, protests fill the streets. Kiki's into art, not activism, and would rather observe from the sidelines than participate, but she reluctantly joins her friends on a march. She is shocked when a protestor lifts up a photograph of her brother, Stravros, and one word—#Murderer. Stavros, a police rookie in his first week on the job, says he was just defending himself. But Kiki’s friends, and thousands of protesters, news reporters, and politicians, say he should be in jail. Kiki must decide who to believe, and what to do about it. Even artists can't stand on the sidelines forever.

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$25.80 $19.40 + Add to wish list
9781978596078 $16.35 $14.20 + Add to wish list

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