Picture of Kendrick Lamar: Storyteller of Compton
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Kendrick Lamar

Storyteller of Compton

Series: Stars of Hip-Hop

By Therese Shea

Grammy and Pulitzer Prize winner Kendrick Lamar is a standout in the hip-hop world. Even as a teenage rapper, he used the joys and tragedies he experienced living in Compton, California, to craft thoughtful lyrics amid evocative rhythms. Young music lovers will appreciate learning about Lamar's rise in the hip-hop game, including his work with Dr. Dre, through accessible text, Lamar's own words, informative sidebars, and an instructive timeline. They'll especially love the colorful photographs of the artist in action.

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9781978510326 $26.27 $19.70 + Add to wish list
$26.27 $19.70 + Add to wish list
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