Picture of Johnny Appleseed: "Select Good Seeds and Plant Them in Good Ground"
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Johnny Appleseed

"Select Good Seeds and Plant Them in Good Ground"

Series: Americans—The Spirit of a Nation

By Richard Worth

John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed, crossed the Allegheny Mountains during the dead of winter in 1797. Trudging through the snow and braving the cold wind, Chapman was headed for Warren, Pennsylvania. He had a plan to plant apple trees. He believed the settlers on the frontier would need them. Over the next fifty years, Johnny Appleseed planted many apple nurseries and became an iconic figure to American settlers on the frontier.

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". . . these balanced titles consistently sort fact from fiction and confirm each figure's place in history . . . well-documented biographies."

The Horn Book Guide, Fall 2010

". . . a very well written book that will relate well to many young readers."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, May 2010

". . . chapters provide a thorough, historical framework for John Chapman . . . The text makes clear what is hard fact and what is supposition or legend, and it places Chapman in the context of the times."

Booklist, June 1 & 15, 2010

". . . this is a very informative and useful reference for the middle grades to learn about legendary John Chapman."

Children's Literature

"Well written with simple vocabulary that flows along easily. Worth's book is a friendly read."

Southwest Ohio and Neighboring Libraries, May 11, 2010

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