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John Steinbeck

Banned, Challenged, and Censored

Series: Authors of Banned Books

By Maurene J. Hinds

John Steinbeck, author of the GRAPES OF WRATH, OF MICE AND MEN, and EAST OF EDEN, is generally accepted as one of the greatest American authors of the twentieth century. His classic books are frequently studied in school. However, some people object to the books’ language and themes, believing that they are not appropriate reading for young people. In JOHN STEINBECK: BANNED, CHALLENGED, AND CENSORED, author Maurene J. Hinds discusses Steinbeck’s life and times and analyzes several of his most controversial works. She also explores the history of book censorship, showing why it occurs and possible ways to address it. She helps readers make up their own minds about whether books should be banned.

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"A good reference for the high school library."

Highlands Regional Library Cooperative, May 8, 2008

"Author Maurene Hinds first provides readers with bountiful information on censorship, information on Steinbeck himself, and the events that shaped his life . . . This would be a great addition for high school libraries dealing with research projects on Steinbeck or his novels."

Library Media Connection, April/May 2008

"The reader will learn how Steinbeck’s life set the stage for much of his stories and how the controversies within these books have continued to this day."

Eastern Washington Book Review Council

"High school libraries will appreciate having this book to be aware of possible challenges."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, March 2008

"Students researching book banning will appreciate this series that reviews historical censorship, provides each author's biography, summarizes the writer's most frequently banned books, and considers current issues related to the author's most famous titles."

The Horn Book Guide, Fall 2008

"In this particular book . . . not only do you get a sense of why some of his books were censored, but it is done in a concise, easily understood manner . . . This is an excellent introduction for students to learn the whys of criticism and censorship."

Denton Independent School District, April 16, 2008

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