Picture of Johannes Gutenberg: The Printer Who Gave Words to the World
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Johannes Gutenberg

The Printer Who Gave Words to the World

Series: Inventors Who Changed the World

By Stephen Feinstein

Printed almost 500 years ago, Johannes Gutenberg’s Bible remains a marvel of technology and art. But almost as breathtaking as the book itself, there’s the story of how it all came to be; JOHANNES GUTENBERG introduces readers to Gutenberg and the trials and tribulations he endured as he struggled to devise his system of moveable-type printing. Persevering through personal and professional hardship, Gutenberg gave the world a gift that sped the Protestant Reformation and revolutionized the spread of information.

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"The writing . . . is easy to understand and explains the printing press in detail. Some readers will appreciate the publisher's enhanced website when it comes time to do their school reports."

The Horn Book Guide, Spring 2009

"Though many details of the man's life are unknown, the book offers some interesting tidbits . . . This title's real strength is its listing of numerous Web sites that are kept current on the publisher's site."

School Library Journal, February 2009

"The writing is clear and informative . . . An excellent addition to extend and to update all biography collections."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, September 2008

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