Picture of Jackie Robinson: "All I Ask Is That You Respect Me as a Human Being"
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Jackie Robinson

"All I Ask Is That You Respect Me as a Human Being"

Series: African-American Biography Library

By Carin T. Ford

The story is riveting and legendary: At a time when segregation ruled American life, a sports “experiment” changed history. Did Jackie Robinson have enough talent, courage, and tolerance to break the color line in major league baseball? The world watched as Robinson signed his contract with the Brooklyn Dodgers. Racist taunts and jeers exploded from the stands, but Robinson kept his focus on the game. For the rest of his life, Robinson continued to speak out for equality and civil rights. Crossing the color barrier in baseball was just the first step.

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"The uncomplicated prose may have special appeal to report writers who are also reluctant readers."

The Horn Book Guide, Spring 2006

"The information is written in a clear and interesting way and includes solid, footnoted research . . . A great addition for Black History Month."

Library Materials Guide, Fall 2005

"Another excellent addition to the series . . . This book offers a fascinating look at Robinson. The information is well organized and presented in a lively and entertaining manner . . . an excellent resource for both browsing and research reports."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, November 2005

"Easy-to-read chapters . . . Informative sidebars bring more clarity to the topics . . . They are positive role models for young students. The chapters are organized into clear and concise subjects."

MultiCultural Review, Winter 2005

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