Picture of Ivan Pavlov: Exploring the Mysteries of Behavior
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Ivan Pavlov

Exploring the Mysteries of Behavior

Series: Great Minds of Science

By Barbara R. Saunders

Although Russian scientist Ivan Pavlov is best known for his experiments with dogs, which were key to the development of behaviorism, few realize that he actually won the 1904 Nobel Prize for his research on digestion. In this latest title in the GREAT MINDS OF SCIENCE series, author Barbara Saunders examines Pavlov’s enormous contributions to our modern understanding of the relationship between the mind and body.

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"Both biographical and scientific material is clearly presented in sufficient detail to inform school reports."

The Horn Book Guide, Fall 2007

". . . an interesting and thorough biography of the famous Russian scientist . . . One strength of this text is that Ivan Pavlov is characterized as a person influenced by his family and his colleagues, not as an isolated entity . . . This book is a useful introduction to classical conditioning."

Science Books & Films, May/June 2007

"These books will be welcome additions to collections in need of science biographies . . . The accessible texts have an inviting, open format and offer many anecdotes to bring these scientists to life. A list of activities related to their work is a nice touch for more curious students."

School Library Journal, June 2007

"The text is readable while being scholarly enough for research . . . It is well organized and a good length for middle school students . . . Good for research but enjoyable enough for pleasure reading . . . Solid biography for middle school students . . ."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, January 2007

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