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Investigating Tuberculosis and Superbugs

Real Facts for Real Lives

Series: Investigating Diseases

By Evelyn B. Kelly, PhD, Ian Wilker and Marylou Ambrose

Tuberculosis is a highly infectious disease that can be very hard to treat. What used to be considered a very treatable disease is now one that has become drug-resistant. Learn about tuberculosis and other diseases that have become resistant to antibiotics, such as MRSA, malaria, and influenza, in this current and informative book.

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". . . this entry . . . methodically presents medical and statistical information about major kinds of tuberculosis, malaria, AIDS/HIV and other persistent bacterial, viral, and parasitic pandemics worldwide that are becoming ominously resistant to once-effective treatments."

Booklist, December 1, 2010

"An engaging feature of the book is the excellent information on the development of the science of microbiology . . ."

National Science Teachers Association Recommends Web site, posted February 1, 2011

"This book is well worth reading and is an excellent source of information on the types and symptoms of superbugs and the serious nature of these illnesses."

Children's Literature

"The information presented is technical yet understandable."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, November 2010

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