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Investigating Eating Disorders (Anorexia, Bulimia, and Binge Eating)

Real Facts for Real Lives

Series: Investigating Diseases

By Marylou Ambrose and Veronica Deisler

Eating disorders are on the rise, and many teens have pressing questions about them. How do you know if you have an eating disorder? Who gets them, and how are they being treated? What is the difference between bulimia, anorexia, and binge eating? Authors Marylou Ambrose and Veronica Deisler give teens all the facts they need for life or report writing.

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"A very thorough treatment of the subject."

Irving Independent School District, April 19, 2013

". . . a great resource for a research project, a curious individual, or teacher preparing a lesson or unit."

Southern Maine Library District, September 19, 2011

"This book is a well-organized, clear, succinct, and attractive presentation . . . I recommend this title very highly for junior high school students and young adults."

Science Books & Films, November 2010

"This book presents important information for teenagers—the age group with the highest incidence of these conditions—with a realistic portrayal of the challenges and potential consequences that go along with these diseases . . . The book is thorough and detailed and discusses risk factors and tactics that teens and their parents can use to help prevent the terrible effects of the diseases . . . There is a lot of practical advice, from motivational exercises to strategies for coping and preventing relapses."

The Science Teacher, October 2011

"This book is a fascinating, enlightening, frightening revelation on what our young people are doing to themselves regarding food today."

Association of Region XI School Libraries

"Students assigned a project on any of the topics covered in these titles need look no further. The authors thoroughly examine each disease from all conceivable angles . . ."

School Library Journal, Fall 2010

"The information provided is thorough and detailed and includes a discussion of risk factors as well as tactics that teens and their parents can take to help prevent the terrible effects of the diseases . . . The books in this series are concise and engaging for high school students . . . They would be useful as resources for student enrichment and projects in biology or health classes . . ."

National Science Teachers Association Recommends Web site, posted December 20, 2010

These titles are all thorough, accessible, and readable overviews of the topics. Thc books have a straightforward, friendly style . . . All do an excellent job at discussing the topic and providing historical background, daily realities of living with the disease, current research, and opportunities for getting help . . . While the books deal with challenging, and potentially devastating topics, students will feel supported, inspired, and informed after reading them."

Library Media Connection, October 2010

". . . very informative and is written from a clinical standpoint, no opinions or suggestions are given."

Richardson Independent School District, April 8, 2011

". . . this volume provides a great deal of useful information about various eating disorders."

Delaware County Library System

". . . this series contains useful, well-organized, and current information . . . this series is certainly appropriate for high school and public libraries, and would not be out of place in junior high school libraries as well."

VOYA, February 2011

"It is straightforward and easy to understand . . ."

Southwest Ohio and Neighboring Libraries, November 9, 2010

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