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I Like Weimaraners!

Series: Discover Dogs with the American Canine Association


Originally bred to hunt deer, bear, and wolves, the German Weimaraner is a highly active and intelligent dog that requires much exercise and mental stimulation. Filled with simple yet informative text, fast facts, and colorful photographs, this delightful text approved by the American Canine Association informs readers all about the care of Weimaraners, from housing and exercise to diet and play, encouraging children to become responsible dog owners. In addition, a Note to Parents stresses the importance of spaying or neutering and microchipping pets, a Words to Know section helps young readers learn new vocabulary, and a Read About Dogs section with books and websites provides sources for further exploration of the subject.

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9780766096905 $23.60 $17.70 + Add to wish list
$23.60 $17.70 + Add to wish list

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