Picture of Homegrown Terror: The Oklahoma City Bombing
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Homegrown Terror

The Oklahoma City Bombing

Series: Disasters—People in Peril

By Victoria Sherrow

At the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, a quiet spring day began like any other in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. Government employees arrived for a busy workday. Parents dropped their children off at the day care center. Suddenly, a colossal explosion tore through the nine-story building, the front of it crumbling to the ground. More than one hundred people died instantly. Many more were injured. Tragedy gripped the nation. What caused the explosion? An American terrorist had detonated a bomb. Author Victoria Sherrow examines this catastrophic day, including stories from witnesses and survivors, and the cause of this hateful crime—homegrown terrorism.

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978-0-7660-4393-0 $27.27 $20.45 + Add to wish list
$27.27 $20.45 + Add to wish list

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