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Hiding from the Nazis

Series: Tales of Atrocity and Resistance: First-Person Stories of Teens in the Holocaust


As Adolf Hitler's control over Germany became absolute, those Jews who could not run from the Nazis were forced into hiding. Readers will experience the harrowing first-hand narratives of those who concealed either themselves, in bunkers or attics or even the forest, or by their Judaism, relying on Aryan looks to hide themselves in plain sight. Some people tried to plan in advance, constructing secret rooms in which they hid, silently, relying on the kindness of trusted friends. Others hid wherever possible, building bunkers into the dirt floor of barns, in the ghettos in order to avoid being shot or deported to death camps, and even in the rubble of bombed out cities as the war progressed.

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$39.60 $29.70 + Add to wish list

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