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Hand it Over, Harry

Don't Steal

Series: You Choose

By Sarah Eason

At times, Harry might be faced with some sticky situations. What is the best way to get a present for his mom? Help Harry decide what choices to make—are they the honest ones?

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"…a fun little introduction to a discussion on honesty…"

Fairfax County Public Schools

"A good starting point for talking about honesty."

Essex County Association of School Librarians, October 24, 2013

"A useful approach for character education."

BookLinx Book Evaluation Program

"…great for teaching young children about good character."

Richardson Independent School District, January 3, 2014

"…a very useful character development tool…a great way to introduce discussions about stealing, choices and consequences…a great addition to a Public, School or Classroom library."

Highlands Regional Library Cooperative, January 3, 2014

"Very interactive and could prompt good discussion on cause and effect and the consequences of our actions."

Garland Independent School District, December 12, 2013

"...a terrific book for young readers about honesty and character development...Situations presented are quite realistic and will be easy for young readers to relate...Adults can best use this book to generate discussion with a young person about the many daily choices of behavior."

Eastern Washington Book Review Council

". . . very appropriate for use in counseling and character education lessons."

Clark County School District, November 16, 2013

"Since the format allows children to make a choice, this is a good discussion book. Great for guidance lessons."

Association of Region XI School Libraries

"A concluding 'How to Use This Book' spread provides a helpful guide for grown-ups to use with children."

Booklist, October 1, 2013

978-0-7660-4308-4 $27.27 $20.45 + Add to wish list

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