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Geno Auriemma

Series: Championship Coaches

By John Fredric Evans

Today, top recruits know that Connecticut embodies excellence in women's basketball. But before Geno Auriemma began his unprecedented run to 11 national championships, the Huskies only brought out bleachers for the biggest games. Auriemma established a culture that would become a model for sports programs. His players learn to put their personal point totals aside and work together for wins, in the process unlocking their fullest potential as people. This two-time Olympic gold medal winner gives a great interview because he tells us what he truly believes, and he's a great coach for the same reason. His players know exactly what he expects from them, and stars do not get special treatment. He demands more from those with the most to give. This biography details the remarkable story of an immigrant who rose from poverty to become synonymous with success in sports, developing leadership principles invaluable to any team.

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