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From Thirteen Colonies to One Nation

Series: The Revolutionary War Library

By John Micklos, Jr.

FROM THIRTEEN COLONIES TO ONE NATION explores the trials and triumphs of America’s founding fathers as they struggled to govern a new nation while still fighting to gain independence from Great Britain, the world’s greatest power at the time. From the first rumblings of rebellion against unfair taxes to the Declaration of Independence, from the Articles of Confederation to the Constitution, readers will gain an understanding of the challenges our country faced, and how the colonies joined together to form the nation we have today.

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". . . provides an excellent, though basic, overview of the founding of the United States."

Lincoln Public Schools, August 2010

"The text is simple and easy to follow."

Omaha Public Schools, October 15, 2008

"Text is written in an easy to follow straightforward format . . ."

Richardson Independent School District, April 20, 2009

"Perfect to introduce the topic to a younger student or an older, struggling student."

Highlands Regional Library Cooperative, December 17, 2008

"This is a concisely written history of some of the most important documents of our nation's history."

Denton Independent School District, October 17, 2008

". . . a concise, well-written text that gives an overview of the important elements of the Revolutionary War and post-Revolutionary period . . . thoroughly researched text."

Eastern Washington Book Review Council

"This series provides general information on the Revolutionary War and the formation of the American government in an interesting and readable format . . . Middle school students interested in this time period and those researching it will find the books easy to read and full of detailed information. The series makes the complicated politics surrounding the formation of the constitution and battle tactics of the war interesting and easy to understand."

Library Media Connection, November/December 2008

". . . provid[es] an excellent historical introduction to early American history . . . a top pick for any elementary-level library including early American history for this grade range."

Children's Bookwatch, September 2008

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