Picture of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley: A Dark Graphic Novel
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Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

A Dark Graphic Novel

Series: Dark Graphic Novels

By Sergio A. Sierra

Author Sergio A. Sierra and illustrator Meritxell Ribas reanimate Mary Shelley’s classic tale. Traumatized by the death of his mother, young Victor Frankenstein vows to discover the secrets of life and death. He assembles a monster from parts of corpses and uses electricity to bring it to life. Horrified by what he has done, Frankenstein abandons the creature, who is met by fear, rejection, and violence wherever he goes. He learns to loathe himself and his creator and sets out to destroy everyone Frankenstein loves. This title includes safe 'PG' text and illustrations.

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"Durable, chilling, and in graphic-novel format—what more could librarians want out of a horror series?"

The Horn Book Guide, Spring 2013

"This series takes some of literature’s most famous horror stories and adapts them with accompanying, chilling illustrations . . . Readers used to graphic novels will effortlessly navigate the layouts, and those new to the genre will appreciate the creative idiosyncrasies of each illustrator."

Library Media Connection, March/April 2013

"The author and the illustrator have created a beautifully formatted and illustrated retelling of Frankenstein . . . a very well written book that will relate well to many young readers . . . It would make an excellent selection for a basic books list for school libraries."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, September 2012

"The three volumes in the Dark Graphic Novels series masterfully illustrate many of the most chilling horror stories of classic literature, adapting the texts using simplified language and captivating pictorial design. Each book has a unique artistic style, but the series still offers a cohesive collection . . . especially as a classroom tool, these books will draw readers and leave them with a satisfying and captivating re-telling."

VOYA, October 2012

". . . a fine addition to school and public libraries and would work well as a companion read for any curriculum that includes Shelley's original prose novel . . . this adaptation is one that students will be able to make use of for years to come."

Booklist, September 15, 2012

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