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Escaping Nazi Atrocities

Series: Tales of Atrocity and Resistance: First-Person Stories of Teens in the Holocaust


By the time it became clear how horrific the situation in Germany would become for non-Aryans, many Jews had been rendered incapable of leaving by the slow acceleration of Adolf Hitler's anti-Semitic policies. As more Jews were stripped of their jobs, homes, and basic rights, many lacked the resources to flee, and those that successfully escaped faced terrifying obstacles even after they left Germany. This book offers readers a first-hand look at the stories of teens who managed to escape the Nazi regime, surviving only through a combination of gut instinct and luck. Readers will also see parallels between the plight of those fleeing Germany and the refugees from Syria and other countries facing similar crises today and will discover the complex reasons some people simply didn't leave before it was too late.

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$39.60 $29.70 + Add to wish list

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