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Energizing Science Projects with Electricity and Magnetism

Series: Fantastic Physical Science Experiments

By Robert Gardner

Could a paper towel put an electric charge on a ruler? What happens when you rub glass with silk? How do you find the north and south poles of a magnet? How does a battery really work? The exciting experiments in this book will unlock the mysteries of electricity and its connection with magnetism. Some will even give you ideas for your own science fair. All you need are some simple materials, most of which can be found around your home, school, or neighborhood. So grab your magnets, balloons, and coins and discover that physics is electrifying!

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"Parents will find this a useful resource for simple and educational science activities to do with their children."

Catholic Library World, December 2006

". . . teachers will find in this volume a nice sequence of demonstrations that can be assigned to small groups as collaborative learning projects."

Children's Literature

"These experiments are well developed, clearly explained with the answers to the questions posed given in the follow chapter, and can be done with ordinary household materials . . . It is clearly written, with many of the formulas and scientific terms used being explained in context . . . This should be a primary purchase for both elementary and middle school libraries. The experiments can be used both to explain basic theories on light or as a stepping stone for further research."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, May 2006

"Each multi-step activity is followed by detailed explanations of expected results and key concepts. The helpful color drawings illustrate experimental setups as well as the scientific ideas."

The Horn Book Guide, Fall 2006

"Information is presented simply and clearly. These books will provide the initial knowledge required to begin working on a science project."

Library Materials Guide, Fall 2006

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