Picture of Diplodocus—Gigantic Long-Necked Dinosaur
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Diplodocus—Gigantic Long-Necked Dinosaur

Series: I Like Dinosaurs!

By Michael W. Skrepnick

Meet the long-necked DIPLODOCUS! This dinosaur cracked its tail like a whip. It chomped plants all day long. It lived in large herds for safety. There is so much to learn about this dinosaur, and new readers will delight in learning about DIPLODOCUS and the other long-necked dinosaurs that lived millions of years ago. Spectacular color paintings, created by one of the world’s most respected and accomplished paleoartists, make this subject come to life. The simple text, along with Words to Know and phonetic spelling, makes this full-color book well suited for early readers.

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"The author has a good sense of how much is too much for his audience . . . The texts are simple . . . these titles do a good job of giving kids a solid first look at these intriguing creatures."

School Library Journal, September 2005

"The information is easy to read and understand."

El Paso Independent School District, August 10, 2005

“Everything paleontologists know about dinosaurs is ultimately based on fossil discoveries, a concept this new series conveys to children in a . . . visually inviting manner.”

Natural History Magazine, May 2005

". . . all three offerings are great starting points for aspiring dino fans. The short sentences are descriptive . . . the tone is spirited, and Skrepnick manages to imbue the dinos with personality while keeping them realistic."

The Horn Book Guide, January-June 2005

"This series would be a welcome addition to any collection, but because it is designed for early beginning readers, it is doubly worthwhile . . . The color illustrations are outstanding . . . The simple text provides an informative yet captivating reading experience . . . these books will fly off the shelves."

Library Media Connection, January 2006

". . . text is informative . . . simply and clearly written . . . a good introduction . . . for elementary school libraries."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, November 2005

". . . a most welcome read . . . All the facts are presented in a lively manner . . . a very satisfying addition to the wealth of dinosaur titles on the market for kids."

Children's Bookwatch, January 2006

"Each of these books provides a very simple introduction to a well-known type of dinosaur . . . The engaging pictures and simple text will appeal to young dinosaur-lovers."

Library Materials Guide, Fall 2005

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