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Daring Pony Express Riders

True Tales of the Wild West

Series: True Tales of the Wild West

By Jeff Savage

Pony Bob had traveled more than a hundred miles. Exhausted, he still kept moving. As a Pony Express rider, he had mail to deliver. Suddenly, he heard yelling. A group of Paiute warriors were chasing him! Bullets whizzed past him. One bullet struck his shoulder; another grazed his cheek. But Pony Bob never stopped until he reached his destination. Although the Pony Express Company didn't last long, their young riders left behind a legacy of bravery. Traveling on horseback, the Pony Express brought mail from Missouri to California.

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". . . a very informative and well-written information book."

Southern Maine Library District, June 8, 2012

"Children who have a solid background in reading and a curiosity about the 'Wild West' will enjoy this collection of interesting facts and true tales."

Children's Literature

". . . a valuable resource for writing about American history."

Southwest Ohio and Neighboring Libraries, posted April 23, 2012

"The text flows smoothly, telling exciting stories without over sensationalism. The vocabulary is appropriate for the audience."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, March 2012

"Each dynamic lure gives way to concise, spirited accounts that explain the historical context of each featured Wild West bunch."

School Library Journal, April 2012

978-0-7660-5499-8 $24.60 $18.45 + Add to wish list
$24.60 $18.45 + Add to wish list

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