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Counting in the Wetlands

Series: Counting in the Biomes

By Fredrick L. McKissack, Jr. and Lisa Beringer McKissack

How many bills does the spoonbill have? How many legs does a crayfish have? Find out in COUNTING IN THE WETLANDS! Count plants, animals, and more as you explore this fascinating biome!

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"Written in an easy-to-read format . . ."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, November 2008

"This book would be a great addition to any elementary library or science curriculum."

Children's Literature

". . . a wonderful book . . . contains . . . many things of interest to this age reader."

Killeen Independent School District, August 22, 2008

". . . text very informative yet easy to understand."

Lincoln Public Schools, March 2009

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