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Clear Cut

Series: West 44 Books

By Melody Dodds

Heather Wright is always all right. That's what people say. But if she's always all right, then why is life so hard? Heather starts cutting as a way to deal with the difficult emotions she locks inside. But what starts out as casual cutting turns into a dangerous addiction. When Heather goes away to summer theater camp, she meets Josie. Josie is a tough, sassy diva who is more than just a cutter, but a cutting advocate online. Heather looks up to Josie until the darkness of Josie's inner world threatens to spill out over the side and drown both of them. Until she does the unthinkable.

Paperback Book9781538385142$16.35$14.20

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$25.80 $19.40 + Add to wish list
9781538385142 $16.35 $14.20 + Add to wish list

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