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Bruce Coville

An Author Kids Love

Series: Authors Kids Love

By Michelle Parker-Rock

Bruce Coville is the well-known children’s author of MY TEACHER IS AN ALIEN and close to one hundred other books. BRUCE COVILLE: AN AUTHOR KIDS LOVE is based on an interview with Coville by Michelle Parker-Rock. Readers can learn all about Coville’s childhood, how he became a writer, and how he works today. In addition, Coville shares advice on how kids can become writers themselves.

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". . . the books . . . provide plenty of information about the authors and their writing processes."

The Horn Book Guide, Fall 2008

". . . a solid book . . . A well-rounded biography of Coville that will give insight into the writing process for young people."

TriState Young Adult Book Review Committee, March 2008

"Filled with solid information . . . each book is an excellent resource for student research. Whether students come to the biography because of an assignment or their existing love of the author, they will surely become inspired to read more from each prolific author."

Catholic Library World, December 2008

"Coville shares how his real life experiences, from grave digging to teaching elementary school, weave their way through his writing. His characters are believable because they are based on actual children he taught. Young writers will benefit from knowing that even an experienced writer has to start with what he knows . . . Reading about Coville may turn readers to new books they might enjoy or further inspire them in their own creative journeys."

Children's Literature

". . . children are sure to enjoy learning more about this interesting man and what gives him inspiration. A wonderful addition to any library!"

Lubbock Independent School District

"Suitable for reports or for pleasure reading, they are solid additions."

School Library Journal, September 2008

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