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Bill Belichick

Series: Championship Coaches

By John Fredric Evans

How is it possible that the century's most successful NFL coach conducts himself as though social media is merely a target for ridicule? While the strategies employed by this gridiron genius seemingly evolve in an eye-blink, Bill Belichick is willfully out of step with our culture. In an age of self-promotion and media manipulation, the five-time Super Bowl champion shows open disdain for reporters' microphones. Personal glory doesn't just take a backseat to team success in Foxboro; it is viewed as vanity. Scandals have convinced some that "win at any cost" is the New England Patriots' mantra, but it's undeniable that their leader instills a timeless set of values in his teams. This book shows students how Belichick's legacy was built on universally applicable principles of preparation, teamwork and adaptability. Love him or hate him, "the Hoody" has much to teach us.

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