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Amazing Activities with Force and Motion

Series: Super STEM Activities

By Anne O'Daly

A future engineer may gaze up at an airplane soaring high above and wonder about the forces that keep it in flight. This enticing title will not only help young readers understand these forces, but also experience them firsthand in a safe setting! It begins by breaking down Newton’s laws of motion. Then students learn to take on the mindset of a scientist for their experiments with an explanation of the scientific method. Engaging illustrations and carefully-crafted step-by-step instructions then guide students through 11 experiments. These include creating a balloon-powered jet boat and a human gyroscope! Each experiment also features a description of the science that makes it possible. With a vocabulary-boosting glossary and a further information section, this title is sure to inspire students to continue to explore the important STEM concepts of motion.

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9781978529731 $26.93 $20.20 + Add to wish list
$26.93 $20.20 + Add to wish list

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