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Amazing Activities with Electricity and Magnetism

Series: Super STEM Activities

By Anne O'Daly

While electricity and magnetism may seem like magic, there are concrete scientific ideas behind both that have allowed them to shape our modern world. Young readers who are interested in experiencing and understanding this magic powered by STEM concepts will have that opportunity with this interactive and intriguing title! It breaks down key ideas including the movement of electrons and electromagnetism. It then challenges readers to analyze these concepts from the viewpoint of a scientist using the scientific method and hands-on experiments. Each activity features a list of needed items that include everyday materials, easy-to-follow instructions with helpful illustrations, and intriguing text that explains the STEM ideas behind the results of each experiment. Complete with a glossary to boost reading comprehension and a further information section, this title is sure to inspire young scientists to continue exploring and testing the invisible forces that have helped build the modern world!

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9781978529656 $26.93 $20.20 + Add to wish list
$26.93 $20.20 + Add to wish list

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